Milton Erickson


“To heal, it is not necessary to understand”

Maude Favre a Swiss qualified life and motivational coach specialized in hypnosis, NLP and Kinesiology, based in Geneva.

Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Instructor of the NGH in the USA and kinesiologist, certified academic medicine, graduated from the HypnoBirthing Center of London, a professional member of the HypnoBirthing Association.

With many years of experience and great success in her consultations on weight loss, stop smoking, anxiety, self-confidence, insomnia, stress management, burnout, hypnobirthing, and many others.

“Working with women, men, children and couple, is an extraordinary privilege. I am committed to help you on finding serenity to reach the goal you have planned for yourself, your partner or your children.” Maude Favre